Polishing Paste - Flawless

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    Super fine polishing paste for best possible surface quality (38g)


    Flawless polishing paste is a high-quality polishing paste engineered and intensively tested by HS Technology for the best possible flawless surface quality.

    By choosing only the most trustworthy suppliers and applying quality control on every ingredient in our polishing paste, we can guarantee the same and perfect polishing experience for every order. With our selection of three different paste's grades, you can always find a product that perfectly suits your specific needs in every processing stage.

    Using the finest grain sizes on the market, the flawless polishing paste makes it possible to get the absolute best surface quality where it is needed. If you are looking for a higher removal rate, check out the "Excellent" and "Standard" versions of our polishing paste.

    For larger orders, please contact sales@hstechnology.be.

    Technical Specifications

    Product NumberSCPPXX-000003-00X
    Weight (of content)
    38 g
    72 mm x 68 mm x 31 mm