EOS Bruting Oil Additive

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    Additive oil (150ml) for 5l processing fluid


    Additive oil (150ml) for 5l processing fluid for EOS and EOSFancy bruting machines.

    This new EOS Bruting Oil Additive marks the next milestone in wet processing technology: oil that is boron-free and free from formaldehyde-releasing agents. On top of marking the first step for sustainable lubricant development, our EOS Bruting Oil Additive has improved cooling characteristics, is non-flammable, and reduces the formation of aerosols. This is only a selection of all the convenient side effects.

    This newly re-engineered additive is recommended for all EOS and EOSFancy bruting machines. It can be used in combination with clean fresh water (no need for distilled water).

    For larger orders, please contact sales@hstechnology.be.

    Technical Specifications

    Product NumberSCFLXX-000001-00X
    Volume (of content)
    150 ml