EOS 200 Bruting Wheel

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    Bruting wheel for high surface quality on EOS. Not recommended for fancy shapes


    High-quality EOS 200 bruting wheel for excellent surface quality on EOS. Engineered by the original developers of this now worldwide recognized bruting technique.
    Not recommended for fancy shapes.

    These high-tech high-quality bruting wheels guarantee stable and perfect processing results. Due to careful production and quality control, these bruting wheels guarantee vibration-free processing. This will not only lengthen the lifespan of your machines, but reduces noise contamination of the production environment. 

    For larger orders, please contact sales@hstechnology.be.

    Technical Specifications

    Product Number
    820 g
    Bore Diameter
    32 mm H7
    10 mm
    175.5 mm
    Maximum speed6500 rpm