OptiGon - Angle Measurements

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    Accurate Angle Measurement in the Tang


    OptiGon is the first device that can accurately measure the angles of every facet of a stone in a tang. 

    Having an angle measurement accuracy of ±0.02° and a lot of possible functions, OptiGon allows for amazing polishing optimization for every situation. Do you want to polish as symmetrically as possible? Check the alignment of your table in the pot and avoid a lot of readjusting later on. Do you want to polish slightly asymmetrically to optimize weight? Enabling you to check every facet very accurately allows you to polish exactly as planned, saving time, weight and money.

    OptiGon can assist in many measurements: Crown facet - Table / Pavilion facet - Table / Position of the diamond table in the pot / Pavilion facet - girdle on fancy shape / relative index angles and a lot more. On top of taking accurate measurements, it can help you adjust the angle to the desired one, saving even more time and guaranteeing an accurate result.

    For more information, please go to our dedicated technology page.

    Technical Specifications

    Product NumberFPXXXX-040000-00X
    Dimensions35 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm
    Angle Accuracy±0.02°
    Screen IncludedYes