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    Black laser residue remover


    Microblaster is a device that enables the removal of carbon residue on a diamond after laser machining.

    After machining a diamond with a laser, a black carbon layer covers the lasered surface. This layer makes it difficult to examine the internal features and color of the stone. The Microblaster can remove this layer without damaging the stone or posing a potential health hazard to the user. It accomplishes this by using airflow to direct small abrasive particles towards the surface that needs to be cleaned. These particles impact the surface and remove the carbon layer. "Blasting Grit" (sold in our webshop) contains two loads for the provided refillable container.

    A compressor is not included in the device. The user should provide oil-free compressed air at an air pressure between 4.5 bar and 7.5 bar.

    Technical Specifications

    Product Number
    Weight5 kg
    Dimensions15 cm x 15 cm x 40 cm
    Compressor IncludedNo
    Required Air Pressure
    4.5 - 7.5 bar

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