I bought a machine from HRD Equipment that is shown on your website. Can you service this machine?

HS Technology has taken over WTOCD, the collective research center that developed these machines. However, HS Technology did not take over HRD Antwerp Equipment division, that commercialized and sold the machines.

Machines under warranty are still the responsibility of HRD Antwerp. However, we try to support the sector as much as possible. If you do experience problems with EOS, EOSFancy, M-screen, AvalonPlus or Morgana, please use the contact form to describe the problem in detail (supply serial number, purchase date and type). We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the issue. Please keep in mind that it is possible we cannot help you, as we do not have all spare parts available to us.

Are the products listed under the "Technology" tab for sale?

We have recently started selling most of these machines. If you are interested in EOSFancy, Morgana, OptiGon, Avalon or M-Screen, you can ask your quotation by sending an email to sales@hstechnology.be or through the contact form on the website.