EOS & EOSFancy

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The EOS bruting principle was a revolutionary step forward in the diamond industry. By being the first machine on the market using this principle, EOS has been able to stay one step ahead of the competition. The EOSFancy is still to date the only bruting machine that can handle all convex & fancy shapes. Of course, it still provides all the benefits the original EOS has: perfect girdle symmetry, no beard risk, no outbreaks from eliminating cleavages and holes and much more. EOSFancy bruting machines are developed to deliver the highest accuracy of the desired shape and a superb girdle quality. It is also the only device that can brute a diamond based on the planning file made by all common planning software.

Superior Quality

No problems like bearding, chipping, breakage or outbreaks. Only a satin-smooth surface finish.

Incredible symmetry

Equipped with a state of the art motion controller, the EOSFancy confines deviation on the symmetry to zero.


Even stones with high stress in the bruting area can be processed without any damage.

Planning Software Compatibility

The only bruting machine with compatibility to planning files made by all common planning software.

Multi-shape Bruting

EOSFancy can brute straight shapes (like princesses, emeralds and radiants) just the same as it can brute curved shapes (round fancies).

Increased Productivity

Once set, the whole process is automatically controlled, allowing one person to operate multiple machines.

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